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Our team has been protecting Lake, Marion, and Sumter counties from viruses, ransomware and malware since 2010.

We Have A Proven Track Record Against Malware

We have helped hundreds of clients with viruses and other security threats. Our virus and malware removal services are 100% guaranteed for every single job. Our combination of industry leading virus and malware removal technologies and seasoned, experienced technicians, provides our clients with the safest, most secure service for restoring infected computers to like-new condition. We offer two types of virus removal services. Most viruses can be resolved with our tier 1 virus removal. Persistent Viruses that have embedded themselves so deep in the system that they cannot be removed using conventional methods require our second tier Virus Removal service. Upon completion of these virus removals we do a full system tune up of your system ensuring that it is operating at peak performance. We also make sure that your system has the latest drivers, software updates, and security patches to help prevent your system from getting future infections. Once everything has been completed we will offer you an industry leading Anti-Virus that we use on all of our personal computers that we have found to be the best antivirus on the market. 

Our Repair Process

Guaranteed Complete Removal

Our combination of the best available anti-virus and malware removal tools, and seasoned security experts provide our clients the safest most secure service for repairing infected or compromised systems. We do not just use a predefined method for removing viruses and malware infections on every system. We have found that every customer may have a unique situation and may have a unique type of infection on their system. This is precisely why we have such a large arsenal of Virus and Malware removal tools and methods that we have developed over the years. So we provide each case with the best option for each unique situation. 

We Won’t Lose Your Data

It’s all too common that computer users end up losing valuable data due to virus or malware infections. Many shops treat user data as something of little importance, often resulting in unnecessary data loss for the user. If we ever have to completely wipe your operating system to remove the infection we will call you and inform you first and foremost. On top of that we will always backup and restore your data whenever we have to wipe out the operating system and re-install it. We have the tools and experience to ensure your data is restored and completely disinfected.

The Truth About Most Cleanups

We often help people who have had their infections “cleaned up” by local repair shops or corporate box stores only to suffer from a host of ongoing issues. These often include re-infections, loss of features, slow performance, ongoing random system errors, and internet search re-directions, just to name a few. Many shops charge large fees to “remove” viruses, but fail to deliver on their promise. Most shops just remove a part of the system infection and don’t focus on all phases of the infection. This is why prior to releasing your system we scan the system with multiple Virus & Malware analysis tools to ensure that all of the Virus & Malware Infections are truly gone. Don’t continue to settle for anything less than complete satisfaction. Have us fix it for you the right way!

What Type Of Laptop Repairs We Do

Your Computer May Act Strange

You may notice all of a sudden that you are getting a lot of Pop ups. Or you may notice that you are trying to go to one specific website but are constantly redirected to other websites. You may notice that you are getting  strange error messages on a daily basis. As a rule of thumb you should always contact a professional if something seems off with your computer. Treat your computer like it were a car if your car started behaving differently you would bring it in to the mechanic. There are many ways in which your computer can become infected. Most of the time, once an infection gets into your system, there is no way to trace back to determine exactly when or where the infection came from or how it was installed. Most of the time viruses lay dormant for a certain amount of time.

There May Be No Symptoms

As threats are often silently installed, users may not even know their security has been breached. We see many computers with severe infections that the owner had no idea were running on their machine. Virus infections are often misdiagnosed as failing hardware or other problems. Once you’ve got one infection, malicious applications often go out to the web to “phone home” and invite their friends to take us residence in your operating system and files. This means that even a minor security breach can quickly become more serious, as the floodgates are opened up to more serious infections.

How Did I Get A Virus if i have antivirus?

No anti-virus, internet security, firewall or other security software application is 100% effective. The best, most highly rated security software solutions are around 90% effective at detecting and stopping threats. There is a perpetual arms race between anti-virus firms and professional malware creators, so the situation for the end user is confusing and ever-changing. The only way to truly guarantee that you will not get a virus is to stay off of the internet. Don’t worry though we can help train you how to recognize threats and practice safe computing habits to reduce your chance of ever being infected in the first place.

How Did I Get A Virus ? 

From Infected Websites

Like computers, websites themselves can become infected, and infect users who visit the hacked or compromised site. Those ads on that trusted site you’re browsing may look harmless, but the unseen world of internet advertising creates a shady, and lucrative, market for purposely infecting users via poisoned or deceptive ads. The promoters of these ads receive compensation from malware authors for every system they infect. Old versions of Microsoft Office, Adobe Flash Player, internet browsers etc., often have known security holes that are never fixed. This is one of the most critical reasons to keep your software fully up to date.

From Google Bombing

It’s possible, and even common that popular applications and tools can be outranked by fake apps in a google search. For example searching for a free media player called “VLC” provides many search results, several of them are not only fake, but often malicious. Similarly, searching for “HP printer drivers” or “PDF to Word converter” are common searches that can lead users to be tricked into not only downloading, but installing malicious applications masquerading as useful apps. Always try to download any software from the original manufacturer’s website. If you aren’t sure prior to downloading the file you can always go to and paste the questionable website address in there to see if it may contain any viruses.

From Social Media

It’s common today that people’s Facebook, twitter and other social media accounts may become compromised. This can happen from a user’s system being infected with a certain type of malware. This form of malware monitors the user’s keystrokes and sending the logs off to the hackers who wrote the malware. Perhaps you’ve seen a post at some point from a friend posting some weird web link. Be sure not to click any links in social media that seem fishy, as doing so may take you to the same website that infected your friend’s machine.

From Social Hacking

We see a large increase of clients who have been scammed into letting a so called “Microsoft tech support” agent remotely access their computers. These victims would receive a phone call claiming to be from Microsoft. The agents would quickly “discover” malware and offer to fix it, for a price. Sometimes these scammers will even lockdown a user’s system with an unknown password, and demand a credit card in order to unlock it again. Never trust any random phone calls from a tech support agent asking to access your system, it is always a scam. If you ever receive any calls from anyone claiming to be tech support hang up and immediately call a reputable computer shop in your area. Any reputable shop will tell you that it is just a scam and to never give them any information at all.

From Email Attachments

You’ve heard again and again “don’t open that attachment” if you don’t know who or where it’s from. The truth is, even trusted senders can themselves become infected, and inadvertently infect co-workers, family and friends in their contact list. Always use caution, be especially cautious of zip files and exe files, as these are often used as carriers for

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