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Computer Central’s System Tune Up


Has your computer has been running dreadfully slow? Maybe you have been getting a lot of unwanted pop ups, error messages, or it has just not been acting right lately? Then you have found the right service to resolve your issue. Our system tune up service is the service that we offer to bring a computer back to good health. It is known to boost performance similar to the way your computer performed when you first got it.


Does My Computer Really need Maintenance?

Time and time again we find that our customers have dreadfully slow computers. Usually, they think that it is normal so they just deal with the slowness of the computer. Your computer slowing down is your computers way of telling you that there is something wrong with the system. If your car  starts making strange noises, has trouble starting, or just has major performance issues what do you do? You probably take it to a mechanic to diagnose and repair those problems right? Also if you want those that car to consistently run well and last a long time then you have them serviced on a regular basis. We maintain our cars by changing the oil, spark plugs, air filters, etc. right? Well guess what computers are similar cars in that way. 

Computers need to be maintained to stay in good running condition. When the inside of the computer accumulates dust it restricts airflow. This creates more heat and the hotter they get the slower the computer runs. When a computer reaches a certain temperature those components can become damaged. Just like your car’s air filter can affect your gas mileage and the power in your vehicle. It’s the same thing with the junk files that accumulate in your computer. Occasionally a computer needs to be put up on a bench instead of a lift and tuned up which consists of some of the steps listed below. 

For our customers who are not interested in learning how to do this and just want their computer to run better without having to do work with it. We offer a Monitoring and Maintenance program. For more information on this program visit our Managed Services Page

what is the process of a tune-up

  • The Deletion of temporary files and junk files that are known to be associated with viruses, malware, and pop up messages
  • Removal of Unwanted/Unnecessary Programs and Applications
  • Uninstall and Remove Unwanted Toolbars From Web Browsers
  • Deletion and Removal of unwanted System Services
  • Scan and repair the hard drive and registry for errors
  • Defragment the Hard Drive if applicable to improve system performance
  • Ensure that the Latest Windows Service Packs are installed
  • Ensure that the latest Windows Updates Are Installed
  • Update the Anti-Virus Software
  • Make sure the system has the latest Drivers (Graphics Driver, Chipset Driver, Audio Driver, and LAN Driver) We Also Update Vulnerable third-party software which includes:  Adobe Air, Adobe Flash,  Adobe Reader,  Adobe Shockwave,  Microsoft .NET Framework,  Microsoft Silverlight,  Oracle Java. 
  • We also clean out the inside of the computer of any dust or debris that could cause performance issues due to lack of air flow.
  • Finally to finish off this service we scan the computer for malware and viruses to ensure that the system is clean of known threats.


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