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Remote Support

If you are having a computer or network problem and need help right now we can connect to your computer right over the internet. Waiting for a technician to be dispatched to you can be a thing of the past.

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Computer Network Services

Here at Computer Central we specialize in networks. We have the solution for all of your network problems. Whether you are having problems accessing certain files on your network, maybe you need to setup a new network, or maybe your network is just slow. Stop dealing with these issues today and let us be your network saviors.

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Helpdesk Services

Our helpdesk engineers can help you sort out your problems either over the phone or remotely. If you are having a computer problem just pick up the phone and call our helpdesk. We will attempt to walk you through your problem. If we cannot walk you through it then we can either connect to your computer over the internet to resolve the issue or schedule a service call to have one of our engineers come out and resolve your issue onsite.

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Onsite Commercial IT Support

For those instances where you have a problem with your computer when over the phone tech support just won’t resolve it. Or any instances where we are unable to connect to your computer remotely.

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Managed IT Services

Do you find that you are spending too much on IT support? Are you tired of unpredictable bills? Maybe you don’t feel like employing a full-time IT person. Outsource your IT to us we will be your personal IT department at a fraction of the price.

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Business IT Support

We specialize in Business IT support. If you were an IT expert you would probably have opened an IT support company. We can come in and make any repairs necessary and even assess the current state of your equipment and make suggestions to improve your business productivity overall.

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Network Assessments

Here at Computer Central we specialize in networks. Most of our clients do not understand exactly what goes into correctly setting up a network that is secure and provides good performance. In fact, a lot of tech support companies out there do not completely setup networks properly. Let us provide you with a network assessment where we will identify any issues with your network and provide you with a detailed report of our findings. Upon completion we will also provide you with a list of recommendations and the cost to implement all of our suggestions.

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Computer Repair

We specialize in all areas of computer repair. It does not matter what type of computer you have we can resolve your issues for you. All of our computer experts are certified. We will quickly diagnose your issue and provide you with the same recommendation we would make to one of our family members.

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