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Computer Central’s onsite IT support services are always available to help bring your network back online and fully functioning again.


Depending on the complexity of your IT issue, onsite IT support may be the best option to fix the problem.

It all begins with a call to an IT help desk. The techs will try to work through the problem in any number of ways, including simple verbal instructions or remote access to your system. If the problem can’t be solved this way, a seasoned tech is sent to your physical location to diagnose and fix the issue. Your tech will come equipped with the tools and software needed to address your computer or network problem based on the information given during that first call.

It’s important to have as much information as possible for your tech. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Which programs were running when the problem occurred?
  • What have you already tried in order to remedy the problem?
  • Is there any prior history of the issue’s occurrence in your network?
  • Where is your machine located?
  • Have you found your machine’s information, including version, model, serial number, and IP address? You can find this information in your computer’s “System Information” or “About This Computer” settings.
  • Did you make a note of the error code, if applicable?

Having this information gathered before calling the support desk will give your tech a solid starting point. He or she may decide based on this information that an onsite IT support visit is the best choice rather than trying to talk you through a complicated repair process.

Who Needs Onsite IT Support?

Chances are you and your employees aren’t technically savvy enough to work through a complex IT issue. Any sized company should have a reliable Managed Services Provider that provides onsite IT tech support to save you downtime and lost productivity.

There are many issues that we can solve remotely. Unfortunately we cannot solve all problems remotely. If the issue is something that is preventing your computer from starting or connecting to the internet we will not be able to resolve it remotely. Some of these issues may be as simple as restarting the computer, while others may be worked through via a help desk phone call. If your issue cannot be solved remotely or by having one of our help desk engineers walk you through some troubleshooting then it is time to schedule an onsite IT service call. 

Importance and convenience of onsite it support for businesses

Your downtime losses begin the moment your IT issue begins to affect your productivity. It’s important to have a dedicated tech team on call to come to your location and begin diagnostic testing and repairs as soon as you identify a problem with your hardware or your network that is too large to handle via a help desk phone call. Onsite IT support services bring experienced techs right to your door so you can get back on track as soon as possible.

Some issues may be as simple as restarting the computer, while others may be worked through via a help desk phone call. For all other problems, an onsite IT support call is the best choice.

What happens when it support is not an option with your current it provider

Without onsite IT support, you will need to keep a team of IT professionals on your payroll “just in case,” or transport malfunctioning equipment to the MSP’s offices for repairs. This is not the most efficient way to go about things, as it can be both inconvenient and costly.

If your MSP isn’t offering onsite support services as part of your service level agreement, your best move is to change to one that does.

Computer Central makes changing easy; we’ll “break up” with your current MSP for you so you can avoid any hassle!

Why Your Business Needs Computer Central's Onsite IT Support

Computer Central provides your business with a dedicated IT tech team that is available to come directly to your location and get your systems back in shape. You will deal with the same techs each time you need them. They are more than just an onsite IT support services resource; they become your partner in all of your IT needs. Our onsite IT support techs are friendly and knowledgeable, respond quickly, and follow through to make sure your systems are back online before leaving. They will also log the call and archive it in case you run into a similar problem in the future.

Your Computer Central tech is your capeless hero, ready and waiting on the sidelines to bring you the help you need when you need it.

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