Onsite Computer Services

Near or Far – We Make House Calls

There is no need to worry we know how your busy schedule can interfere with scheduling the service that you need. That is why the system engineers at Computer Central will make house calls to your business or home, whether you’re right next door or up to 30 miles away.  When Computer Central comes to your business or home we’re bringing with us trust that is backed by the reputation we have built by servicing customers just like you.  You have a busy life, so we won’t waste any time. When we make house calls, you’re getting trust and experience from technicians who can do any type of repair job. Whether you need help with a computer network setup, iPhone repair, computer/workstation installation or even a printer replacement, our technicians have the training you require. And if it’s an easy problem, we can even remotely login to your computer and help with the small things like iTunes syncing, email setup, and internet browser protection.


Experienced Technical Support

Computer Central brings its reputable and trustworthy computer repair service right to your home or business.  Our engineers have been serving Residential and Commercial customers in the Lake, Marion, and Sumter county area for the past 10 years.


How far will we go?

We’ll go the extra mile for you both literally and figuratively – when we come to your place of business or home we provide every customer with the exceptional service that we provide to every customer. We provide each of our customers with a high level of tech support while still making them feel that they are only customer. We do this because we like to make sure that everyone receives the service that they deserve.


Other Things You Should Know

Here are some important notes about Computer Central’s onsite repair services:
symbol,checkTo guarantee same day service, you must schedule an appointment by 12pm.  If you schedule after 12pm we can guarantee service the next morning, if not earlier.
symbol,checkWe’re available 7 days a week.  For weekend onsite service you must schedule your appointment by 12pm on Friday afternoon.
symbol,checkMost repairs can be done onsite but some repairs may require specialized attention.  Our managers will help alleviate these issues when you call us and will make sure that everyone is on the same page.  If work must be taken back to our office for repair or if additional parts are needed to complete the repair, we will prorate the onsite support fee.
symbol,checkThe onsite support rates do not cover the cost of parts.  We will provide a free diagnosis and additional costs will be confirmed onsite by the repair technician.
symbol,checkYou may notice that we charge slightly more than Best Buy and Staples for onsite support and the reason is simple: we’ll do it in less time and provide a higher value than our big box store competitors. Almost half of our onsite visits come from clients who have already spent hundreds of dollars with the Geek Squad to be back at square one. And time after time we fix what they couldn’t – and in half the time.
symbol,checkWe can repair more than just laptops and computers when we come onsite to your business or residence. Computer Central’s technicians can repair your iPhone, setup your computer network, or configure a domain controller server to bring an entire department online. We also provide onsite support for software issues including program installation, computer training, and other digital lifestyle needs.

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