Why you need a Managed IT Services Company & Not A Computer Repair Technician

When your business computers or network experience problems, you need to be assured your support staff can quickly resolve your issues…


If you are in business today, then you’re very reliant on computer systems and network equipment. When there is a problem, you need to be able to recover quickly and restore your team to full productivity. Which, can be a major hurdle for any business, especially when your business relies on the wrong type of company for support. By partnering up with a Managed IT Services Company, you gain a partner that monitors, maintains, and supports the technology that today’s businesses rely on for a fixed monthly fee.


Many of the services that a Managed IT Services company provides are services that a computer repair technician is unable to. While a TRUE Managed IT Services company can provide everything a computer repair shop can and much more. It is similar, to cooking a new recipe without having all the ingredients. I am going to share a personal experience. In this scenario, the Heavy Cream is like a Managed IT Services company and the coffee creamer will represent a computer repair technician. I can recall a time where a family member was trying out a new recipe that called for Heavy Cream. However, they did not have any, so they substituted French Vanilla Coffee Creamer. While the meal came out looking fantastic the taste left much to be desired. While the two types of companies may appear to be very similar, in reality they are extremely different and provide much different services.


Most computer repair shops are not equipped with the technology that detects problems before they arise. Computer repair shops are generally structured to be a reactive service, rather than a pro-active service. While a Managed IT Services company is all about being pro-active rather than reactive. If given a choice would you choose to have a problem and have to hire someone to fix the problem, or would you rather pay a monthly fee to prevent that problem from occurring in the first place? If you’d prefer to pay a monthly fee to prevent the problem, then you should be working with a Managed IT Services Company like Computer Central. 

Managed IT Service companies are alerted of predicted problems. This allows us to notify our partners when there is a predicted problem detected and what should be done before it becomes a problem. For example, recently we were alerted of a predicted hard drive failure on the primary server at a partner’s location. Upon receiving the alert, we notified our partner and provided them with a quote for the replacement cost of the hard drive, along with a spare hard drive for any future predictions against the other hard drives in the server.


Had this partner chose a computer repair shop for support this could have been a costly decision. There is not only the cost of the repair, but you will also need to account for the downtime that you may experience waiting for the computer repair shop to send out a technician. If it is discovered that you need a part that they do not stock you could be looking at 3-5 business days before your problem is resolved. Now, think of how much it could cost your business to have 3-5 days of downtime, where your employees cannot fulfill all their functions that earn your business income.

When it comes to supporting computers and networks one of the most important things is consistency and familiarity. Managed IT Service companies work on these complexed networks, computers, servers, firewalls, and other devices every day. Since they support your business, they know your business’ computer systems and networks like it was their own. If a technician is not familiar with the type of network you have, it will take them twice as long to resolve your issue in turn costing you much more money for the solution.

Computer repair shops tend to be much more expensive in the long run than hiring an IT Support Company or Managed Service Provider. Managed Service Providers utilize a wide variety of tools to provide Enterprise level support to all businesses. These tools alert us to predictive problems based upon the behavior of the device. Notice that we refer to it as a device instead of a computer, that is because Managed IT Service companies support a lot more than just computers. We monitor, maintain, and support all the technology that runs your business every day. Computer Central is your IT Department. Contact us today to find out how we can help make your computer systems more productive.