Managed Services

Managed Services


Computer Central’s Managed Services Will Be Your Own IT Department


With our Managed services we become more than just another IT consulting company. When you choose to sign up with our managed services program you are gaining your own virtual IT department. As a part of our managed IT services you are hiring us to become your own personalized IT Department. With your own personal IT Department you will receive proactive maintenance and monitoring. This service allows you to become aware if an issue may arise as well as, preventing most problems that do come up. You can experience what it’s like to have the same IT resources that a large corporation has at a fraction of the price.


How Does Your Managed Services Benefit Me?


Everyone knows that running a business can be very hectic and stressful. We are here to take that special pressure that IT brings to the table off of your plate. When it comes to IT there’s a special kind of pressure. It is difficult enough to run your business without worrying about the constant pressure of worrying about IT technology. As IT consultants part of our job is to stay one step ahead of new technology and industry best practices. That is why we make sure that our technicians stay educated on the latest technology.


When you have employees you need to make sure that they have the proper training. As a result this allows them to be more productive in their jobs. That is why it is important to make sure that you have someone who can train them on your computer systems. When your staff has been trained on these computer systems properly it can help reduce common problems with them. It is also extremely important to have someone you can rely on to troubleshoot issues that can’t be avoided. However, the cost of having an IT professional on your staff can be high


How Can Managed Services Save Us Money?


Besides the stress of an IT outage there are additional costs associated with that outage. For instance, when your server goes down in the middle of the workday the losses can be crucial. This can result in an instant loss of productivity and sales. For example, you may have a potential customer call you for an estimate on a large job. Since your server is down you’re unable to get into your billing system to provide the estimate. This can result in causing that client to call your competitors and award the job to them. You may have employees whose primary job function is to enter information into your computer system. When the computer system goes down these employees are not able to do their job costing you more money.


Computer Central’s Managed Services can provide your time-stressed staff with sanity-saving relief. We offer high-end expertise to help you proactively manage your IT infrastructure. As part of this service we can be a friendly voice at the other end of the telephone line for a user experiencing computer problems. We help you manage the day-to-day maintenance and support responsibilities so you can run your business more effectively.


At Computer Central, we don’t outsource our services we only hire local IT experts. All of our Managed IT Services include remote and on-site maintenance from our certified systems engineers throughout Central Florida. We only hire IT professionals that are certified at the highest level in the industry. It is our job to know your technology inside and out. Which means we’re qualified to fix your problem on the spot and not just run through a checklist or some script.


Our Managed Services include:


Desktop/Server Management 


We provide quick and friendly technical assistance for your computer users and network administrator from our location. There are times where we can’t resolve an issue over the phone or remotely. When this happens we will schedule a Computer Central engineer to come out on-site to resolve the problem.


Help Desk Support


Help desk support from technical experts who can resolve everyday computer-related issues. We provide support for any question that relates to your company’s networks, PCs and Microsoft applications (i.e. log in problems, connectivity issues and application support).


Network Management 


Proactive monitoring and maintenance of your network environment to immediately detect and resolve any potential network problems. We provide availability, event log, backup and drive-space monitoring; monthly status reporting; anti-virus software management; and security, file sharing and user administration.


Virus Protection


As part of our Managed IT Services Program the computers that you have on the plan will have an integrated Paid Antivirus installed. These antivirus programs will update, scan, and protect your computer as part of an automated process. The Virus protection that we use is Bitdefender Antivirus. They are an industry leader that don’t use a lot of system resources. This allows you to receive the best virus protection without slowing your computers down.


Computer Updates


As part of this service we ensure that your protected computers are kept up to date with the latest system and software updates. This keeps your computer up to date which also helps fight against security threats that would make the computers more vulnerable to virus infections and attacks.




Part of this service includes pro-active maintenance which are tasks and commands that we run in the background to keep your computer running as efficiently as possible. We automate this process so you don’t have to worry about running a disk cleanup, disk defrag, cleaning out temporary files, internet cache, or cookies we take care of all of that.




As a Manged Services customer we monitor your computers for problems and issues that may arise. If there is a piece of hardware that begins to fail we generally know about it before you do we are notified of these problems via email. Once we are notified of a problem we will contact you to setup an appointment to resolve the issue. We also are notified if updates fail to install, if a virus has been detected and was unable to be removed, if your internet has gone down and much much more.


Remote Support


This package includes a remote support utility that will be installed on your computer. We can connect to your computer whether you are in Florida, New York, The USA, China, or anywhere else in the world. As long as you have an internet connection we can connect to your system to help you resolve any issues that do not require an onsite visit.