Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of our most asked questions. If you still have a question do not hesitate to contact us today.

Q: Do you fix Laptops?

A: Yes we repair desktops as well as laptops. We service all makes and models.

Q: If you fix my computer am I going to lose my data and have to reinstall my programs?

A: The only time that you should lose your data and reinstall your programs is if we have to format the hard drive and reinstall your operating system. Which removes all of the information from your computer. We have been made aware that this is a major concern around here. We go through every repair attempt possible before wiping out your data and reinstalling the operating system. When we do have to do this to repair your computer we inform you of this prior to beginning this repair method and also offer to backup your data before proceeding with this repair method.

Q: Do You Service Businesses?

A: We actually specialize in Business IT Support. We have been supporting Small to Mid-Sized Businesses in Lake, Marion, and Sumter counties since 2010. If you are looking to get your personal or work computer serviced we can take care of your problem.

Q: Do you offer pickup and Delivery Of My Computer?

A:Yes we do for a fee. We will come to you and disconnect your computer. Then bring it to our shop and diagnose/repair your computer. Call you when it is ready to coordinate an appropriate time to drop off your computer. When we drop off your computer we re-connect everything the way you previously had it and go over the system with you to ensure that we have successfully resolved your problems. 

Q:Do you charge a diagnostic fee to tell me what is wrong with my computer?

A:Yes we charge a diagnostic fee. Our dignostic fee is half an hour of labor at our hourly rate. That fee is only applicable if you decide that you are not going to have the recommended service completed. If you choose to have us complete the recommended service that fee gets applied to your bill.

Q:Where is your store located and what are your hours?

A:We are a mobile based business. We either come to you to resolve your computer problems or provide remote support. We provide service Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We service most of Lake and Sumter counties. We do service parts of Marion county as well. We will travel outside of our normal service area for a fee. We often get special requests from clients who have moved out of the area who are more than happy to pay extra to have us take care of their problem for them. 

Q: Is Emergency After Hours/Weekend Support available?

A:Yes. We offer emergency service at a special rate. We also provide weekend service at a special rate as well. Weekend service must be scheduled in advanced. 

Q:How do I prevent my computer from slowing down?

A: If you are concerned about performance and maintenance we recommend that you subscribe to our maintenance plans. If you prefer not to then we recommend scheduling a tune up service once every six months. 

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