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Computer Repairs

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Welcome to Computer Central, your premier IT service provider and computer repair experts in Central Florida. No matter how advanced of a computer problem you are having our engineers have the training and experience to resolve your issues. Some of the computer services we offer include computer upgrades, computer repairs, computer problem diagnosis, laptop and mobile device screen repair, computer security, computer networking and much more. For more information on what services we offer visit our Services Page. It doesn’t matter where you are located we come to you in a large service area. If you are outside of that service area we can offer remote support. With our remote support we are able to connect to your computer over the internet to resolve your issues. You can learn more about our remote support by visiting our Remote Support Page .

What Makes Us Different Than The Other Computer Repair Services


Here at Computer Central we know that your time and money are valuable. That is why we pride ourselves on delivering prompt and expert computer repair services at a price that you can afford. You may notice on certain services we may be a little pricier than other shops in the area. This is primarily because all of our system engineers are Microsoft Certified. In many instances our clients have called in Geek Squad or another repair service without getting there problem solved. When this has happened many of these clients wind up spending hundreds of dollars without having their initial problem resolved. When those clients have called us in afterwards, we generally fix the problem for them faster than that previous company claimed to have. Therefore, had they called us in originally the costs would have been lower than what they had paid the original company.


When you trust in Computer Central to fix your computer, you can be assured it will be as stress free as possible. This is because of our exceptional customer service and high level of expertise. For home and small business computer repair, there is no better option to resolve your computer and IT problems. Call us today to find out what makes us different from the other computer repair services around!
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So why choose Computer Central?

We are Reliable
We are one of the few computer repair services that really puts you first. At Computer Central we don’t believe in repairing a computer that has seen it’s better days. There is no point in spending more on a repair than it would cost to replace it. We will help you determine the costs of repairing your system versus replacing it. After our initial diagnosis we will inform you of the cost associated with resolving the problem as well as what the costs would be for you to replace your computer. Together we can make an educated decision together that best suites your particular situation.


Computer Central is a locally family owned and operated computer repair business. We don’t view our customers as just a number you are a part of our family. You have real problems and need to be able to focus those other problems. You can let us take the computer problems off of your plate. We live in the same neighborhoods, shop at the same stores, and use the same service providers that you do we really are your neighbors. Call us today and find out what separates us from the rest.
Some Of Our Key Offerings
symbol,checkDay or Evening Appointments. We work around your schedule to help you get the service when you need it.
symbol,checkHelp selecting and syncing email, calendars, contacts, and documents with computers, smartphones, and the cloud.
symbol,checkTroubleshooting. If your computer is broken, we can fix it.
symbol,checkMalware Protection. Get rid of nasty spyware and viruses forever.
symbol,checkPerformance Boost. A detailed diagnostic and tune-up for your PC – eliminate resource-hogging software and improve your on-line experience.


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