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At Computer Central We Specialize In Business Networks. If you are having a network problem call us we will make your network work for you.

Why Hire Computer Central For Networking Services?


We Understand that it can be very tempting to repair things yourself in the interest to keep costs down. However, when you are dealing with an issue as complicated as some networking issues are it can often take longer for you to research the problem than it would for us to fix it. At the end of the day we are providing these professional services because we are experienced and have a high success rate in a timely resolution. Did you know that 98% of organizations say that it costs the average business $5,600 per minute of IT downtime? At numbers like this it makes sense to hire a professional who already knows how to fix your problem rather than researching it yourself and attempting repairs. Also, we commonly find that a lot of people call us after they have tried to resolve the problem themselves either without successfully resolving the problem or even creating a larger problem than they started with.

What Exactly Are Networking Services?


Your computer network is constantly in use. A computer network is made up of Computers, Servers, Firewalls, Modems, Wireless Routers, Network Switches, Printers, Backup Devices, CCTV Cameras, and much more. The network of equipment communicates with each other. This allows you to access files that are not stored on your computer and access that equipment. So by creating a network utilizing both wired and wireless connections it allows us to access all of these devices and allows them to communicate with each other. 


There are a variety of problems that can be encountered that are a result of a poorly configured or maintained network. For instance most accounting software and business productivity software is designed to run on a network. This allows more than one person to use this software at one time and access the same information as the other people on the network. Most of our clients also store their important company files on the network so that they are easily accessible from any computer in the office. So if you are having an issue where doing some of these tasks are taking too long or they are not working correctly we can resolve them for you. 


With that being said since there are a lot of problems that can arise with your computer network. You may not be able to print to one specific printer. You may find that one of your computers may not be able to access your server or possibly the internet. You may also find that you can access your server but not the internet or vice versa. No matter what the problem is with your network we have the solution.


How Can Computer Central Lower My IT Costs?

Here at Computer Central we strive to be unique and set ourselves apart from the competition. One way we set ourselves apart is by providing an initial assessment of your network as a free onsite consultation by a Microsoft Certified Professional. These certified IT Professionals will be happy to consult you about your network. During this assessment our business analyst will assess your network and provide solutions to improve your current network status. Once an assessment has been completed we will come up with an IT strategy unique to your situation. At this point we can prioritize and schedule the projects that will get your network back to the condition that it should be. In the end our ultimate goal here is to provide a successful implementation of available technology to your network to ensure that it continues to run smoothly and efficiently allowing you to focus on your business.

As part of our Maintenance plan we offer very competitive package rates. You can choose from a wide variety of support options. Some of these options come with a service contract that would layout fixed monthly IT costs which can reduce costly IT bills. If you find that when we go over our available packages that you don’t notice one that works for your business let us know so we can create one for you. All you need to do is think of us as your technology travel agent. Once you let us know where you would like to go we can take you there. Our number one priority has always been customer satisfaction.

This philosophy holds true throughout our support programs. Regular maintenance of a network is required, just like an oil-change is required in a car. When being maintained properly we can reduce the cost of ownership of that network. Over time, your costs will be much lower and your productivity will be much higher. Costs of a network over time can be significant if problems are ignored and patched with Band-Aids when they arise. Find out more on Our Managed Services Page.

Core Networking Support Services

At Computer Central, our core network support services include:

  • Local Area Network design & redesign, implementation and maintenance
  • Server Installations/Upgrades/Migrations/Maintenance
  • Internet security and monitoring (firewall and web filtering)
  • Implementation of Network Topology & IP Infrastructure Engineering
  • Router, Switch and Firewall trouble-shooting including Cisco Products
  • Network Administration 
  • Wireless Solutions 
  • Terminal Services & Remote Access Solutions 
  • Backup and recovery implementations 
  • Company-wide Anti-virus and Anti-spam Solutions 
  • Wide Area Network connectivity
  • Internet Service Trouble-shooting

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