Clean Up Your Computer With Storage Sense

Every Microsoft Windows operating system has let us free up storage space by deleting temporary files, emptying the recycle bin, and by deleting items in the downloads folder. With Windows 10, Microsoft has made some changes in hopes of making things easier with a new feature called “Storage Sense.”

Storage Sense automatically removes unnecessary files, such as temporary files and content in the Recycle Bin, to free disk space, as necessary.

How to use Storage Sense

To use Storage Sense, go into PC Settings then click System and then click Storage. Where it says “Storage”, turn the slider for Storage Sense option to on. Once activated, Storage Sense will start working.

Setup Storage Sense


At this point we are going to setup “Storage Sense”. So, we are going to click the text right under the on/off button that says, “Configure Storage Sense or run it now”.

This part of the process is kind of basic, and you do not have a lot of options to choose from here.

The options to run Storage Sense are as follows:

  • Every day
  • Every week
  • Every month
  • During low free disk space time (default)

Setting up Storage Sense


Configuring Options To Keep Your Recycle Bin and Downloads Folder Clean

You can enable Recycle bin and The Downloads folder option under the Temporary Files section. When this is set to the settings pictured, every 30 days our Recycle Bin folder will be emptied. I have this turned off for the Downloads folder but you can change the settings for the  Downloads folder to be emptied on the schedule that you may desire.

Cleaning Your Recycle Bin 

Free Up Disk Space By Making Unused OneDrive Files Only Available Online

Here you have the option to use the “Locally available cloud content” section. This section allows us to remove unused files from our computer that are already stored on Microsoft’s OneDrive. Using this option makes it to where these files are only available online if the file has been unopened for the specified time.

In the example below we will use this feature. To do so we went to the section labeled “ OneDrive – Computer Central” and then selected the drop down box labeled, “Content will become online-only if not opened for more than:” section you need to select the number of days that a file has been unopened before it is removed from a computer (In this example we chose 30 Days). This will only affect files that are already synchronized with OneDrive. These files will make those files only available online using your One Drive Storage.

Free Up Disk Space By Keeping Unused One Drive Files Online Only

As you can see, Storage Sense provides us with an easy to use method to remove unnecessary files from our computer to free up space. This is especially useful for smaller sized hard drives or low capacity SSD drives.